How to Improve your Onboarding to Retain Employees

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Your onboarding process is incredibly important when it comes to employee retention. It’s important to recognize every employee in your organization and welcome new ones to your work family.

A survey by TINYpulse showed that 22% of turnover happens within 45 days of a new employee being hired. Here are some helpful tips and reminders to improve your onboarding process.

Make it clear to your employee the day before.

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Never leave your new employee in the dark after the job acceptance process. Check in and remind your new employee on what to expect.

Staying engaged with your employee ensures that you are maintaining a close relationship and demonstrates strong company communication.

Create a standard and efficient onboarding process

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According to Harvard Business Review, “organizations with a standardized onboarding process experience 62% greater new hire productivity, along with 50% greater new hire retention. Those that invest time and effort in their new employees reap the benefits.”

Make sure you have a standard check list and tasks that your employee needs to go through on their first day — a meeting with HR, tour of the office, etc.

Add a gift and some excitement


Research has shown that 40% of adults feel lonely. This sense of isolation is amplified for new hires — who often feel like a stranger in a foreign land — and can increase their chances of leaving a job. That is why it’s important to introduce your new employees to the current team and make sure they are being included.

At 9Dot Education Solutions, an HR and staffing agency, clients are often recommended to include a welcome gift on the first day or decorate the new employee’s designated office space.

Maintain good communication throughout (and after) the probationary period.

According to Forbes, “An onboarding program is a process integrating the new employee into their role with training, support and expectations helping them to be successful in it.” This includes check-ins with your employee and providing feedback. In fact, companies who commit to an extended onboarding experience accelerate new hire proficiency by 34%.

How else can you help your onboarding process?



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