How to make Vision Boards Work for your Company

One special activity that we do with our organization at 9Dot Education Solutions is building vision boards. As a team, we create and share our visions with each other. This has been a wonderful way for our team to get to know each other better and understand each other’s values, goals, missions, and much more.

Sharing our Vision Boards at 9Dot — Source: 9Dot Education Solutions
  1. A vision board can help an employee get out of a rut
  2. It creates a daily visual reminder of what the individual aspires to and helps keep them on track towards those goals
  3. It opens your eyes to new possibilities and passions, and allows for creativity in the workplace
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  • Prioritize your actions
  • Celebrate the accomplishments
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  • Pieces of clothing or artwork
  • Scents that represent your goal in some form (i.e. a sprig of lavender could represent a vacation in Provence or an employee’s desire to one day open a flower shop, while a piece of pink ribbon could represent wanting to start a family or a charity for breast cancer awareness.)
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