Parenting & Working during the Pandemic: Healthy Ways to Cope

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In mid May 2020, Microsoft launched a new research study which revealed that over half (54%) of parents surveyed reported that it’s been difficult balancing both household and professional demands while working from home.

And according to a recent WalletHub study, around 50% of parents with young children at home don’t think they are being more productive at home than they are in the office.

So how do parents do this? Well, there’s no definitive answer. Though, we have found some healthy ways to cope during this pandemic or “new normal”:

1. Create a flexible routine

Multitasking is an art when it comes to parenting and work, though, studies show that multitasking doesn’t actually work. Therefore, it’s important to create a schedule that allows you to be flexible. If you find that the morning is absolutely chaotic with the kids, try adjusting your schedule to a calmer evening routine for work. If some days are the opposite, try your best to prepare for that.

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2. Use time blocks

Our Google Calendar at 9Dot is everything. We work with people around the country, with different time zones and more. Using time blocks to help schedule and prepare what works best for you and your family is very important. Plan what you can do in advance. This means putting down the time slot when the kids have their Zoom class, or when you want to have family movie night. Being able to visualize your time blocks also helps you to see the capacity you have.

3. Separate your roles into physical space

Find a physical space where you are designated to do your work, and a designated space for you to be with family. Some #WFH employees have really gone creative and all out during this time. We’ve seen employees revamp their closets and outdoor sheds to create their own “office space”.

4. Get your new ‘co-workers’ on the same page

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It’s important to establish rules in the household, whoever lives with you. Make sure your kids, partner, guardians, pets, etc. are on the same page when it comes to your schedule. Laying out the details of your work routine can be helpful for when your other “co-workers” need assistance or know when to give you space.

5. Don’t aim to be teacher of the year

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This goes to real teachers and parents all around the world. This is a changing environment and one of the toughest years we’ve faced. Now may not be the time to work 110%, be adamant on your schedule, and work 50+ hours a week. The massive boosts of energy you are putting into your work and parenting can generate great results to your work and your kids. However, it can come at a cost to your health, your mental state, and more.

6. Be gentle on yourself

Most importantly, go easy on yourself. Seriously. Like all things parenting- it is just a phase. This too shall pass.

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