Ways to Celebrate Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month with your Employees

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic American Heritage Month (NHAHM). The purpose of NHAHM is to pay homage to Hispanic/Latinx Americans who have made a positive impact in society and to celebrate the cultural diversity and heritage. Here are some ways to celebrate with your employees this month.

Invite a Latinx guest speaker

  • It’s so important to hear and listen from Latinx voices, especially in a diverse workplace. Speakers are great ways to invite a conversation about diversity, cultural history, customs, celebrations, and much more.

Host a lunch and learn

  • Support your local Latinx community and host a lunch and learn with local businesses and restaurants. A great way to get employees interested and involved is through food! Here is a great list of Latinx-owned restaurants in Los Angeles.

Create an office donation to a Latinx cause

  • Take some time to donate to a Latinx cause or nonprofit organizations that support your Latinx community. Here is a list of 10 charities to follow and donate to.

Host a movie night

  • We love movie nights and film sessions with our team! Film can bring not only entertainment but education to your office (especially if they are informative and educational). Some film and TV suggestions:

Learn to speak Spanish

  • Try using Duolingo or send a Spanish word a day for the month

Host an event and invite up and coming Latinx talent

  • Get your employees excited about Latinx entertainment! Invite a local band, singer, or artist to perform for your team. Host a discussion afterwards about their experience or journey — it’s also a fun way to celebrate Latinx talent!

Educate employees to foster inclusion

  • There is often confusion surrounding the terms “Spanish”, “Latino”, “Latinx”, and “Hispanic”. Provide employees with information and resources to help them understand what each term means and the difference between the terms.

Host a book club or reading

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