Why is Workday Enterprise Resource Planning Important for the Workplace?

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In today’s day and age, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is incredibly vital to every organization. Workday’s ERP implementation can create lasting benefits to an organization’s business strategies, structures, and time savings. Why is it important to have ERP systems in the workplace?

We spoke with Alenoosh Baghramin, ERP Manager at 9Dot Education Solutions, an HR company that specializes in education and nonprofit organizations, to discuss the benefits and importance of ERP systems like Workday. She said that, “Workday is a centralized system that is integral to our business. It saves us time by having data right at our fingertips and reduces human error.”

ERP systems help accomplish business functions.

At 9Dot Education Solutions, all necessary information is housed in Workday and employees and clients have access to the information depending on their security. For example, managers can access their staffing information, staff planning, expenses and expenditures. They can then use that data for strategic planning such as budget assumptions.

Source: Workday

According to Workday’s case study, “[Workday] has provided significant cost savings over the last five years”. Executive teams including People Ops argue that they are “saving 30% on an annual basis with Workday versus having a server-based system in-house.” This shows that companies are able to save upwards of 30% in manpower and other related costs associated with not implementing an ERP system.

Alenoosh adds that, “Workday’s system can be configured to meet your business needs. Still, it is very user friendly and gives transparency to managers or business leaders.” She works closely with her team to support HR processes and operations including 9Dot’s HR Help Desk and says, “It helps to minimize human error.”

While incorporating a new system into your business operations can appear daunting, an ERP system like Workday can help solve some of the pain points felt in an average organization. Business processes are solidified within the system, and users can access various resources and track approvals autonomously.

In fact, Workday helps to streamline processes in all areas of an organization.
In recruitment, recruiters can run reports on vacant jobs with a click of a button, and easily send it over to their clients or hiring managers. On teams like credentialing and training, reports can be run to track the required certifications for staff to ensure compliance.


Organizations benefit from subject-matter experts in the ERP system.

Organizations that use 9Dot as a service provider can receive access to Workday to help streamline business processes.

By utilizing subject matter experts such as 9Dot, schools and nonprofit organizations will be able to manage their operations using a system that provides:

  • Transparency
  • Effective and efficient access to data
  • Overall speed on approval processes

For instance, a purchase req or invoice can be approved quickly by management without the mess of physical approvals. The system helps with transparency as you can see your organizational structure and request actions as needed.

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Schools can benefit from having experts support them in their back-office services to create an efficient system. This includes budget reporting, staffing, HR and administrative services.

Unique functions catered to your organization.

“The system allows for customization of reports and processes to match your organization’s branding,” Alenoosh adds.

Workday has amazing features to help support any type of organization and their departments.

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“For recruitment, we can customize the branding and look of a job posting to cater to your specific needs and company image. This gets transferred to your careers page and includes special features such as videos, company photos, and more.”

This means that clients can get access to their reports that cater to their own company’s brand guidelines, making it easier to read and share with important stakeholders and leadership teams.

There are also plenty of other cool functions when it comes to the Workday ERP system including:

  • Dashboards: The manager dashboard displays important information that helps with their decision making processes such as their direct reports, expenses, vacant positions, budgets, etc.
  • Finance: Input auto-reconciliation of bank statements using Workday’s Financial module
  • Credit Card Expenses: Submitting credit card statements and expenses can be automated

By streamlining the process when it comes to reporting, Workday helps organizations save time and energy in the workplace.

Overall, Workday is a great tool for your organization.

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No matter where you are in your journey, considering a strong implementation and cloud structure can create a long-term benefit that is worth the cost.

“I wish everyone knew that it’s not scary,” Alenoosh adds, “The information is there if the user has the right access to look for it. The system is there to make our lives easier.”